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Introducing the concept behind Aendör Studio design

Aendör Studio is a genderless fashion label, total black, handmade in Italy by us.

The concept is to give each garment its own unique soul, defining its lines and those of the individual wearing it. The garments are simple, linear, and wearable for any occasion. The fit is predominantly oversize, but lately discovered the beauty of slim fit which gives a feel of self-confidence as well as we like to play with volume.

Garments should embody the individual and reflect their true self. Each piece we create is infused with this philosophy.


Simply because we like black. The inspiration comes out of the Masters of Japanese fashion as Yohji Yamamoto & Rei Kawakubo.

Black is elegant. Black is minimal. Black is not invasive nor does it go unnoticed. Black is all or nothing. The perfect match for our concept of fashion.

The passion for art and fashion was inadvertently passed down to Antonella by her grandfather, who was a retailer and art gallerist. At the age of 14, she became captivated by a jacket displayed in a store but couldn't afford to buy it. She asked her aunt, a seamstress, to recreate it using a piece of an old trench coat. She loved that jacket so much, and it sparked her passion for fashion design.

While studying for Fashion at university, Antonella developed her style, which was not always understood by the teachers. However, she received support from two of them: Angela De Girolamo (costume history), who deserves a huge thank you, and Angelo Bucci (interior design), who once looked at her sketches and early creations and said, "Antonella, you're ahead of the times. You have to be patient". It was 2013, and talking about genderless clothing was still premature. But change was in the air...


In my first year at university, I found myself amidst a swirl of contrasting feedback from professors, each offering their insights into my androgynous sketches and collections predominantly cloaked in the depth of black. These designs, adorned with skirts and garments blurring the lines between conventional men's and women's wear, were essentially our canvas for an ongoing experiment in self-expression. The essence was in transcending the mere fabric and threads, liberating attire from the confines of gender norms, treating it not just as clothing but as a significant marker in our societal narrative.

In the realm of fashion, the emergence of genderless expression signifies a transformative evolution, breaking free from the constraints of rigid categorizations. It becomes a conduit for individual voices to harmonize with their unique notes. To embark on this journey towards genderlessness, fashion must gradually shed the binary labels that have long defined its rhythm. We pledge our commitment to this metamorphosis, intricately weaving it into the very fabric of our designs — in the curvature of shoulders, the arrangement of buttons, the fluidity of interchangeability — a profound emotional resonance that echoes the call for change.

Assigning a gender to a piece of clothing is just one of the many dogmas to abolish to ensure that the two genders strive for a gender equality never fully achieved. We are committed to making sure that everyone feels free to express themselves, even through a fashion devoid of prejudice. We're not the first, and we won't be the last.


Fashion shouldn't be seen as a superficial act. When you purchase and wear a garment, give it the weight it deserves. It's the first visible step of a society in the process of change. A reflection of a work in progress.

Fashion is an act of revolution, inclined to change the fortunes of society. It has been in the past, and it will be again and again and again.

Discover Aendör Studio by exploring our collections. Feel free to express yourself!

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